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A smart, easy and revolutionary LMS / on-demand solution for online courses, which everyone can use.

The perfect place for your courses

Courses for personal or business. Courses for big or small. If you want to learn about e.g. Safety, Excel or programming. Or what about bread baking? With Laermeg.no you have all possibilities. You can even earn good money by publishing your courses in our platform. Welcome to our LMS platform for e-learning and courses!

Lærmeg.no - nettkurs og e-læring
Lærmeg.no - nettkurs og e-læring

A LMS perfect for your business

It’s costly and time consuming to send the employees to training/coursing. With our platform you solve that problem.

Laermeg.no works perfect just as well on businesses as personal. This is great for businesses that want to train their employees within different ares, like Safety, Robbery Safety and Fire Safety. We adapt the LMS platform to suit your needs, and have smart solutions to make this possible in the best way.

Earn money on your online courses with our LMS!

Do you wish to teach others, and get paid for sharing your knowledge? Everything is well received in Laermeg.no – programming, knitting, Office-tools, Adobe-tools etc. You provide the great content, and we are the marketplace which help you sell it! You even decide the price for your course yourself! A new dimension to a LMS!

Both businesses and personal can publish their courses, and earn money on each sale of these. It is flexible payment-solutions in Laermeg.no, where the consumer which wants to purchase courses can happily browse the content and use it.

Lærmeg.no - nettkurs og e-læring

Try for free now – join the open beta

Get early access to the revolutionary LMS/e-learning solution right here. Simply fill out this form and receive a exclusive invitation-code when you are first in the line in our queue.

We process request continuously, but contact us if you want to move quicker in the queue.

Easy pricing model

Price models can be complex and hard to understand. We make it really easy to understand what you have to pay to use Laermeg.no!

Do you need a personal account?

Are you a person that just wants to put your course content out, which is not free, you keep 60% of the sales yourself. If you sell a course for $19, you’ll keep $11.4 yourself. That’s it, no hidden fees. No monthly costs, no contracts. You don’t lose anything by using Laermeg.no if it should not fit your needs. It is thus “free” to use.

Do you need a business account?

There is a different pricemodel on businesses due to a general bigger scope on businesses than personal, and we help you to get started. Contact us with info about what you want and need, and we give you a custom price.

Why choose Laermeg.no, above anything else?

Laermeg.no is On-Demand

Laermeg.no is the LMS that can be used when you need it. Its always there for you.

Whether you need to take a course now, tomorrow or in three months, Laermeg.no is available for you. We do everything via the web and cloud, which means that if you have a PC/Device that is online, you can use Laermeg.no. You don’t need to install anything on your computer. The only thing you need is to write laermeg.no into your browser and you can start surfing for courses.

Laermeg.no is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Welcome!

Laermeg.no is easy and affordable to use

With Laermeg.no, you can transform your traditional courses into digital courses which are available everywhere in the whole world. You can also work on your courses from anywhere. Business trip on the beach anyone?

You are “forced” to create a course as good as possible through our platform, since we know what works and not. We have removed everything unnecessary, and forced our minds to think “less is more” the whole way. This way, everybody can create courses. Great courses!

It’s obviously really easy to add your existing content like Word files, PowerPoint slides, videos, text, images and so on.

Laermeg.no is the instructor from the future

Today everything is about availability. With todays technology, “traditional” courses are old-fashioned and outdated, while online courses and e-learning is the future.

Make your self ready to introduce your employees or friends to a whole new everyday within courses and learning, which is both easier and cheaper. Teaching and instructing new things to people is now a breeze in comparison to before. Are you a company, we also help you adapt the platform to your needs. People will thank you!

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Laermeg.no is a platform for teaching (LMS), which focuses on e-learning and online courses. Education/learning via online courses perfect today for companies that needs e.g. Safety courses or Excel courses.

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